NHS Confederation comments on 2011-12 cancer patient experience survey

Published on Friday, 17 August 2012 10:39
Written by Scott Buckler

Deputy director of policy Jo Webber says feedback is one of the most important indicators of performance

"The fact that so many cancer patients rated their care so highly is something the NHS should be very proud of. Excellent care doesn't happen by accident; it is the result of detailed planning, hard work and well-developed medical and personal skills of NHS staff.

"In an NHS which puts patients at its heart, feedback is one of the most important indicators of performance because it measures whether care and treatment have been positive for the people who matter most. Where the results show room for improvement, for example on providing more information to patients' family members, trusts need to be looking at how they can address these areas.

"Across the board, clinicians and managers will be examining their individual reports closely to see where they can improve their performance, even in organisations which have scored highly or improved significantly. NHS organisations know that using this information is essential for helping drive up the standards of care and treatment for their patients."

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