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TOPIC: Europe at the forefront of Innovation - But we face hurdles

Europe at the forefront of Innovation - But we face hurdles 3 days, 11 hours ago #1

The Innovation Union is changing Europe

But we face hurdles:

Ideas need an innovation-friendly environment to grow and become products or services that will benefit us all and our economies.

But we face hurdles:

■ weaknesses in public education and innovation systems
■ poor availability of finance
■ costly patenting
■ outdated regulations and procedures
■ slow standard-setting
■ failure to use public procurement strategically
■ fragmented efforts among member countries and regions

By improving conditions and access to finance for research and innovation in Europe, we can ensure that innovative ideas can be turned into products and services that create growth and jobs.

This is why the Innovation Union initiative aims to:

make Europe a world-class performer in science

revolutionise the way the public and private sectors work together, notably through Innovation

remove bottlenecks – create an internal market for skills, patents, venture capital, innovation procurement

and standard setting to foster ideas being quickly implemented on the market.

>> The initiative comprises more than 30 action points.

* One of its ground-breaking proposals is the Innovation Partnerships
which aim to tackle the major challenges facing our society.

The Partnerships will also help Europe reach its innovation potential more quickly, thus giving it a head start in the markets of the future.

Let’s give our innovators the environment they need to flourish!

Citizens and public authorities

The initiative will lead to breakthroughs to improve your quality of life and create jobs.

The Innovation Union means:

■ A smarter economy to support our standard of living
■ Better use of public money
■ Empowering citizens thanks to social innovation
■ Finding solutions to help us live longer and healthier lives
■ A greener Europe

>> Entrepreneurs and industry/business

The initiative will make it easier for you to market your ideas and develop your company.

The Innovation Union means:

■ Improved access to finance
■ Innovation-friendly rules and regulations
■ Accelerated standard-setting
■ Cheaper patenting
■ Innovation supported by the public sector
■ Innovation Partnerships to give EU businesses a competitive edge
■ Facilitated access to EU research and innovation programmes, researchers and engineers

The initiative will make it easier for you to conduct your research in Europe.

The Innovation Union means:

■ Attractive careers for researchers
■ Training of a high-standard
■ Improved cross-border mobility
■ More open access to research results
■ Enhanced public-private collaboration
■ F acilitated access to EU research and innovation programmes pulling together for an innovative future

Europe and its Member States and regions need to act together in partnership to help innovation flourish. While Member States can, for example, change their education systems to foster a more qualified work-force, the EU has a role to play in terms of coordinating the actions put forward in the Innovation Union initiative to make sure things dovetail well.


The European Institutions:

■ the Heads of State are pushing the Innovation Union ahead as part of the Europe 2020 strategy
■ the European Parliament is keeping the Innovation Union high on the political agenda
■ the European Commission is developing the initiatives set out by the Innovation Union, assisting Member States in reforming their systems, promoting the exchange of best practices and monitoring progress

* What people are saying

“ There are five principles for innovation: collaboration,
transparency, sharing, interdependence, and integrity”

Don Tapscott

“ Europe is a real reservoir of talent, of imagination, of creativity,
so it’s our role to foster that”

Jean-Paul Agon

“Innovation has to be inclusive and affordable”

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

“ All those crises are only symptoms related to emerging
technology crises”

André Geim

“ We want to change the way leaders take decisions in governments
and society; let’s start by embracing data driven decision making ”

Eric E. Schmidt

“The ultimate risk is not taking a risk”

Gunilla von Platen

“ We have a lot of innovation, particularly in our young people and
we need to trust them”

Leszek Borysiewicz

“ We can learn to appreciate Science just as we appreciate a great
work of Art”

Richard Dawkins

Find out how the EU is putting Europe at the forefront of Innovation


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