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Available Events

ActionsEvent NameStart DateEnd Date
Sustainable Transport 2012: Enabling Sustainable Choices2012-10-312012-10-31
Sustainable Communities 2012: The Plan for Growth2012-11-012012-11-01
Energy and Power 2012: Meeting the Energy Demand2012-09-182012-09-18
Healthy Communities 2012: Delivering Healthier, Happier and Longer Lives2012-09-192012-09-19
Carbon Reduction 2012: Delivering the Low Carbon Future2012-11-272012-11-27
Greening Government 2012: Mainstreaming Sustainable Development One Year On2012-10-302012-10-30
Reducing HCAIs 2012: A Whole System Approach2012-10-242012-10-24
Reducing HCAIs 2013 – Improving Clinical Practice2013-02-132013-02-13
Social Care 2013 – Creating a person-centred system2013-03-132013-03-13
Public Health 2013 – Achieving Positive Health Outcomes2013-03-142013-03-14

Past Events

ActionsEvent NameStart DateEnd Date
Greening the FE&HE; Sectors 2011: Creating a Carbon Reduction Culture2011-04-272011-04-27
Carbon Reduction 2009: Delivering a low carbon future2009-07-312009-07-31
Reducing HCAIs 2009: Clean Safe Care2009-06-172009-06-17
Heat & Energy 2009: SOGE - Leading the 'Shift' to a Low Carbon Economy2009-09-222009-09-22
Reducing HCAIs 2009: Cleanliness Codes and Compliance2009-10-142009-10-14
Sustainable Communities 2009: Securing our Low Carbon Future2009-11-122009-11-12
Reducing HCAIs 2010: `A Health Economy Approach` to Quality Care2010-06-162010-06-16
Health and Social Care 2010: High Quality Care for All2010-02-172010-02-17
NHS Sustainable Development 2010: One Future, Different Paths2010-02-032010-02-03
Reducing HCAIs 2010: Quality, Innovation and Care2010-02-182010-02-18
CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme 2010: Defining the Way Forward2010-03-162010-03-16
Healthy Communities 2010: Creating A People-Centred Service2010-10-072010-10-07
Sustainable Transport 2010: Balancing the Needs of the Economy, Environment and Society2010-10-202010-10-20
Carbon Reduction 2010: Delivering a Low Carbon Future - A New Decade of Transformation2010-06-292010-06-29
Reducing HCAIs 2010: A Transformation Process: Embedding a Culture of Patient Safety2010-09-082010-09-08
Greening Government 2010: The Vision of a Sustainable Government Estate2010-10-062010-10-06
Sustainable Communities 2010: Building the Big Society2010-11-112010-11-11
NHS Sustainable Development 2011: Delivering Transformational Change2011-02-022011-02-02
Commercial Capabilities for the NHS 2011: Delivering Quality, Efficient Services2011-02-152011-02-15
Sustainable Transport 2011: Greening the Transport Sector2011-02-162011-02-16
CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme 2011: Making Energy Efficiency the Key2011-03-162011-03-16
Reducing HCAIs 2011: Maintaining Patient Safety: Breaking the Cycle of Infection2011-06-212011-06-21
Greening Government 2011: Mainstreaming Sustainable Development2011-10-122011-10-12
Sustainable Communities 2011: Local Growth, Local Futures2011-11-022011-11-02
Efficiency and Procurement 2011: Promoting Fairness and Growth2011-03-242011-03-24
NHS Efficiency and Productivity 2011: An Agenda for Reform2011-10-132011-10-13
Carbon Reduction 2011: The Transition to a Low Carbon Economy2011-11-292011-11-29
NHS Sustainable Development 2012: Delivering the Sustainable Healthcare Systems2012-02-142012-02-14
Reducing HCAIs 2012: Evaluating Progress: Analysing the Threats2012-03-142012-03-14
Reducing HCAIs 2012: Reducing Infection: Improving Health Outcomes2012-06-062012-06-06
Efficiency & Productivity 2012: Changing the Culture of Government: Reforming Public Services2012-04-032012-04-03
Greening the FE & HE Sectors 2012: Promoting Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability2012-05-302012-05-30
Natural Environment 2012: Balancing Nature, Society and the Economy2012-06-122012-06-12

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