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"The Teachers' Pension Scheme will remain one of the best available and is fair to taxpayers and teachers. The current offer means teachers will continue to receive a pension that is better than anything offered to most private sector staff"- says Schools Minister,Nick Gibb, in response to the NASUWT ballot held earlier today

"Strikes benefit no one. They damage pupils' education, disrupt parents' lives, and undermine teachers’ professional reputation.

Reforms to public sector pensions are essential. The cost to the taxpayer of teacher pensions is already forecast to double from £5billion in 2006 to £10billion in 2016. Everyone is living longer and the cost of that has to be fairly shared. The government has been listening carefully to teachers and heads. We've put forward an improved offer which guarantees existing pension rights; keeps inflation-proof payouts linked to salaries and protects those closest to retirement.

News that NASUWT is planning to work to rule will worry parents, pupils and their families. That could mean huge disruption to school plays, sports and everything else schools do to enrich their pupils’ lives.

Chris Keates’s comments about teachers’ increasing workload aren’t fair. We’ve put in place big reforms to cut back bureaucracy in schools and free up classroom teachers – slimming down the National Curriculum; scrapping national targets; chopping out reams of red tape and paperwork; and focussing inspections on the worst performing schools.

We are continuing to hold serious negotiations with the teaching unions about the pension reforms. It is right that the unions look very carefully at what is on the table before taking action that will cause such a large amount of disruption."


Written by Scott Buckler
Friday, 18 November 2011 14:02

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