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The Patients Association today launches its report “We’ve been listening, have you been learning?” which details sixteen accounts of poor hospital care heard by its Helpline in the last year

The report contains some shocking accounts of care received by patients in hospitals across the country, focusing on four key fundamentals of care-communication, access to pain relief, assistance with toileting and help with eating and drinking.

The accounts show that patients continue to be failed in these key areas.  Cases in the report include-


  • Jessie Thayer, whose daughters despaired at the failure of nurses to attend to her basic hygiene needs whilst she was a patient at Frimley Park Hospital.
  • Helena Grimwood, who whilst being treated at Southend Hospital was often left ‘desperately thirsty’ according to her daughter, who also said nurses neglected her toileting needs.
  • Brian Smith, whose wife alleges that she had to run out into the corridor screaming for help as her husband lay dying in his bed, because nobody answered the call buzzer.
  • Barry Woodward, who had to wait seven hours for an ambulance and was then not given any pain relief on arrival at hospital.

Launching the report Angela Rippon OBE, Vice President of the Patients Association said “This report raises serious issues about the quality of care that patients are receiving on our hospital wards.  It’s not enough for hospitals to say that they have recognised care hasn’t been good enough in the past and promise improvements for the future.”

Speaking about the launch of the report Patients Association Chief Executive Katherine Murphy said “The accounts of care contained in this report shame everyone involved.  It’s simply not good enough for this report to be recognised and then business to carry on as usual. There needs to be a culture shift in the way we treat patients on our wards. I would continue to urge patients or relatives experiencing similar care to contact our Helpline on 08456 08 44 55. ”

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Written by Scott Buckler   
Wednesday, 09 November 2011 08:21
Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 November 2011 08:22


0 #1 ResearcherMark Cannon,
Yet another report showing that we don't get the care we deserve. It's because, as a system, we are focussed on the wrong things. Targets and numbers, not what matters to people These reports and what I have studied suggest to me that the NHS is institutionally peopleist In other words we have system full of people who want to care but designed, systemically, not to care. So goodness happens in spite, not because of, the system. From what I have seen the issue is wider than care on the wards too.

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