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The Exercise Sula report has been published today . Exercise Sula was held in Scotland in May to test the UK’s response to an uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons into the sea from a deep water well


This was the first time an exercise had been held using a deep water scenario. It was also the first major, national exercise to incorporate all aspects of the national contingency plan (NCP) and the full establishment of various response cells.

The work of each cell was monitored by a group of industry and environmental experts. Their findings are that overall, the exercise showed the UK could deal with an incident of this type.

In the foreword of the report, Philip Naylor, Director of Maritime Services at the MCA, and Wendy Kennedy, Head of Offshore Environment and Decommissioning Unit at the Department of Energy & Climate Change, said:

The exercise demonstrated that the UK has highly professional and dedicated personnel who can respond effectively. As could be expected with any well-planned and tested scenario, the exercise highlighted some areas for improvement and identified a number of learning points which can be directly applied in future.”

Source: DECC

Written by Scott Buckler
Wednesday, 21 September 2011 15:03

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