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The abolition and reshuffling of environmental quangos could lead to green practitioners such as those working in the renewable energy industry to not be heard, it has been suggested

Last week, the Cabinet Office announced that a number of quangos would be abolished or reformed, including the Renewables Advisory Board and the Renewable Fuels Agency.

"It's fine to get rid of it if there are other channels for the practitioners to inform policy making – if there isn't then policy making will get poorer," commented Matthew Spencer, director of environmental think tank Green Alliance.

He said that the impact of the changes will depend on what the government will do instead of taking the advice from the quangos.

The expert added: "It can be ad hoc, but in general it helps if they have a formal channel through which renewable energy businesses can communicate what's happening on the ground and what kind of support they need from government to be more effective."

Source: ©EST

Written by Scott Buckler
Friday, 22 October 2010 8:08

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