The Coalition: Justice
The Government believes that more needs to be done to ensure fairness in the justice system. This means introducing more effective sentencing policies
, as well as overhauling the system of rehabilitation to reduce reoffending and provide greater support and protection for the victims of crime.
  • We will introduce a ‘rehabilitation revolution’ that will pay independent providers to reduce reoffending, paid for by the savings this new approach will generate within the criminal justice system.
  • We will conduct a full review of sentencing policy to ensure that it is effective in deterring crime, protecting the public, punishing offenders and cutting reoffending. In particular, we will ensure that sentencing for drug use helps offenders come off drugs.
  • We will explore alternative forms of secure, treatment-based accommodation for mentally ill and drugs offenders.
  • We will implement the Prisoners’ Earnings Act 1996 to allow deductions from the earnings of prisoners in properly paid work to be paid into the Victims’ Fund.
  • We will consider how to use proceeds from the Victim Surcharge to deliver up to 15 new rape crisis centres, and give existing rape crisis centres stable, long-term funding.
  • We will carry out a fundamental review of Legal Aid to make it work more efficiently.
  • We will change the law so that historical convictions for consensual gay sex with over16s will be treated as spent and will not show up on criminal records checks.
  • We will extend anonymity in rape cases to defendants.
  • We will introduce effective measures to tackle anti-social behaviour and low-level crime, including forms of restorative justice such as Neighbourhood Justice Panels.
Source: ©Cabinet Offfice
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