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At the last Prime Minister's Questions before the general election, David Cameron challenged Gordon Brown

to show he is accountable for the decisions he has made.

He asked him about the lack of helicopters provided for operations in Afghanistan, the robbing of Britain’s pension funds, and the introduction of a jobs tax that will kill the recovery.

On Afghanistan, Cameron called on Brown to admit that when British forces were sent into Helmand they did not have sufficient helicopters to protect themselves and get the job done.

He cited Colonel Stuart Tootal and Lord Malloch Brown as two people who had said this was the case, and asked if the Prime Minister thought that they had been “deceived”.

Moving on to pensions, Cameron pointed out that in the last thirteen years Brown had robbed pension funds of an estimated £100 billion.

He asked Brown to admit that this was a disastrous decision for Britain’s future, citing a former Welfare Minister and a former pensions advisor to the Government who had been damning about what had been done to Britain’s pensions.

Finally, Cameron questioned the Prime Minister about his decision to introduce a jobs tax, which will kill the recovery.

He challenged him over his comments that the business leaders who had come out in opposition to this decision had been “deceived”. “Is the Prime Minister saying he knows more about job creation than business leaders who employ nearly a million people in our country?”, he asked.

Source: © Conservatives

Written by Scott Buckler
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 13:01

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