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UKIP calls this The PHONEY Election

PHONEY because none of the failed old parties will give the British people a referendum on our membership of the EU. After five more years of integration into the power-hungry mega-state, it may not be possible to escape.

PHONEY because the failed old parties will not discuss the cost of our EU membership, nor the size of the public sector cuts which we need to survive.

PHONEY because the failed old parties will not admit that they can’t control immigration while we stay in the EU. They say they want to cut it, but they also want Turkey to join the EU.

PHONEY because the failed old parties won’t even discuss the only way the British people can take back control of their destiny - with binding national and local referendums.

UKIP Leader Lord Pearson said: "The UK is now governed from Brussels, which dictates 75% of our laws. The only choice the voters have is to choose a new manager for the UK, not a new government. UKIP is determined to do some straight talking."

“Out of the EU, we would spend the £45million pounds a day we send in cash to Brussels on rebuilding Britain. We would regain control of our borders and cut immigration. We would reform education, slash bureaucratic waste, and decimate the quangocracy.

“That would be real change.”

Source: © UKIP


Written by Scott Buckler
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 13:01

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