£4.2billion is keeping Britain Building

Housing Minister John Healey has outlined how the power of Government investment has helped keep Britain building

in the teeth of recession, safeguarding jobs and delivering the new homes the country needs.
The Minister announced a total of £263 million additional funding for new affordable homes and to kickstart stalled developments, and announced that three new publicly-owned sites are to be made available for housebuilding under the Public Land Initiative.

He also confirmed every one of the 141 stalled housebuilding sites in the first round of the Government’s Kickstart funding have workers back on site building over 10,000 new homes.

Since June, he has given the go-ahead for £4.2billion Government investment for councils, housing associations and private developers to build over 75,000 much-needed new homes across the country.
This cash injection will create and safeguard 88,000 new jobs and 3,000 apprenticeships.  But Mr Healey requires all organisations receiving Government funding to provide local jobs and apprenticeships, meaning that even more employment opportunities are in the pipeline.

Every region has benefited from this Government cash boost for housing during the recession.

John Healey said:

"From Barnsley to Brighton, the power of Government investment has meant that in the teeth of recession, we have kept Britain building.  That’s why today I can confirm I’ve given the go-ahead for £263million to create and safeguard 5,500 jobs, build much-needed new homes and help strengthen the economic recovery.

"We’ve been ready to take unprecedented Government  steps to help the country  through the recession and  today’s extra funding takes total Government housing cash to £4.2billion since June. This investment will now help economic recovery in every region of the country.

"This public investment has been a vital boost to jobs and housebuilding during the recession, and it’s equally important to economic growth in the future. We can’t cut our way into economic recovery over the coming year - we must invest in building the new homes that people need."

Through the £4.2billion funding boost Mr Healey has launched the biggest council house building programme for nearly two decades,  given cash to kickstart work on 252 private sites and introduced a new deal for developers to build on public land.

This Government investment in housing associations, councils and other developers since June means over 55,000 new affordable homes will be built for rent, or sale through the Government’s help for first time buyers.

The new money confirmed today includes:

  • £236m for housing associations and others to build over 4,300 new homes,
  • £27.5m for 24 kickstart sites,
  • Three new sites under the new Public Land Initiative at:.
  • Lightmoor Urban Village, Telford ("The Croppings Parcel A" )  – 100 homes are planned for the site, 30 of which will be affordable.  Work is due to start in November 2010; and
  • Mildmay Regeneration Project, Tower Hamlets – 139 homes are planned for the site, of which 49 will be affordable.  Work is due to begin in August 2010, subject to planning permission.
  • Birmingham– six sites owned by Birmingham City Council – 230 homes are planned across these sites, of which 80 will be affordable. Work is due to start in September 2010. 

Mr Healey has also  given the go-ahead for £27.5m Government funding to be made available to 24 stalled housing developments through the second round of the Kickstart programme, to get building work back on track and workers back on site. 

The numbers of successful projects receiving Kickstart funding in each region are in the table below:

To view the table contained within this release, please follow the link below:


This is on top of 141 schemes that have already benefited from £424million funding through the first round of the Kickstart programme.  From today, every one of these previously stalled developments is now getting back on track. A further 87 schemes have already been allocated nearly £83m under round two of the scheme . 

The Minister has also confirmed that three new sites will be made available under the Public Land Initiative.  This new deal for housebuilders makes publicly owned land available for house-building, but takes out the upfront costs and risks involved in site purchase and preparation, and looks to secure pre-sales meaning better operating costs for the housebuilders and attracting non-traditional developers to the housing industry.

These sites are in addition to the first sites made available under the Public Land Initiative in Doncaster, Milton Keynes and Newcastle.

Source: © Communities and Local Government

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