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Six NHS collaborative purchasing organisations have put together a ground- breaking IT hardware deal with the support of which is projected to deliver more than £6.5million of savings in the first year alone.

The Collaborative Procurement Hubs, which in total represent 220 Trusts across England, together secured the deal for desktop and laptop PCs.

The NHS is one of the largest buyers of IT in the UK, procuring, on average, 120,000 such hardware devices a year. 

The NHS CPHs involved were assisted by, NHS Connecting for Health and the London Procurement Programme (LPP).

The six hubs involved in the deal are:

Healthcare Purchasing Consortium (representing NHS Trusts in West Midlands, Luton and London)
East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub
Yorkshire & Humber Commercial Procurement Collaborative
PRO-CURE (South Central England)
North-West Collaborative Procurement Hub
PRO-NE (North East of England)
Dave Smith, category manager, ICT Procurement, Hardware of, welcomed the deal as truly a collaborative procurement.  Adding:

The six procurement Hubs recognised that their requirements for IT equipment were common. It made sense, therefore, to take full advantage of this excellent opportunity to collaborate. was brought in at an early stage and helped to facilitate the collaboration and assisted with the procurement. NHS Connecting for Health were approached to input into the technical aspects of the procurement and to ensure alignment with the NHS National Programme for IT. 

From the outset, the Hubs were keen to work together to aggregate their volumes, and to apply their joint buying power in the marketplace.  Buying Solutions provided the facilitation and project management for the procurement as well as advice and guidance, but, without doubt, the hard work was done by the Hubs themselves. 

This has laid the foundations for future collaborative work between the NHS, and the wider public sector.

Speaking on behalf of the six hubs, Gareth Davies from PRO-CURE, the CPH representing Trusts across the South Central region, said:

This project involving the procurement of 52,000 desktops and 8,500 laptops has enabled us to build on the successes of individual Hubs, to share expertise and to achieve a great deal for our NHS Trusts.  The contract means Trusts will now be able to buy higher specification hardware while at the same time saving at least 20% on previous prices.

Raj Sandhu of the Healthcare Purchasing Consortium commented:

Collaboration is nothing new to the CPHs however a collaboration exercise of this scale consisting of a team of individuals from six different regional organisations representing 220 NHS Trusts was a significant challenge we all recognised. We have been able to put aside local agendas in order to successfully construct a deal with our suppliers and deliver real benefit to the NHS.

Meanwhile Trevor Ingham from the North West Collaborative Procurement Hub added: 

We are sending out a clear message to the market that NHS regions are working together to get the best possible deals.

 We hope this will set the pattern for future projects.  Together with my counterparts in other regions we hope to identify other areas from which a collaborative approach will bring greater benefits to our respective member Trusts.



Written by Richard Taylor
Monday, 17 November 2008 0:12

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