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Health Minister Lesley Griffiths has congratulated Local Health Boards across Wales on meeting financial targets for 2011-12. The Minister thanked managers for what she called a “remarkable achievement” given the financial challenges facing NHS Wales

Provisional figures issued by the Welsh Government show all NHS organisations have met their financial targets in 2011-12, making a small surplus of £0.5million.

The Health Minister said achieving financial balance had also been delivered against a pattern of general improvement and maintenance against key delivery priorities.

The Minister said:

    “I am pleased to announce all NHS organisations in Wales have met their statutory financial targets for 2011-12. This is a remarkable achievement given the financial pressures facing NHS Wales.

“Last October, I said NHS managers will be held to account for the financial management of their organisations, with strong action taken if financial targets were not achieved.

“To end the dependency on year-end financial support, the Welsh Government provided the NHS with an additional £145million in October, with a warning there would be no further support during the financial year.

“In addition to coming in on budget, NHS organisations have also delivered £290 million financial savings in-year. This has been delivered whilst maintaining delivery against clinical performance, such as faster stroke treatment and a reduction in emergency re-admissions to hospital.

“This was never going to be an easy task and three of the seven Local Health Boards have been permitted to bring forward a small percentage of next year’s funding to help meet their targets. The amount brought forward represents only 0.2 per cent of the NHS budget, which I am pleased to say has broken even in 2011-12.

“As a condition of this flexibility, my officials have commissioned an external financial review of these organisations’ financial plans.

“I thank all those concerned for their hard work over the last year which has brought about this excellent result. A solid financial performance has put NHS Wales in the strongest possible position to deliver the improvements, efficiencies and changes which will underpin its success into the future.”

Audited figures to confirm the financial position will be available in June.

The Welsh Government agreed that 3 Local Health Boards (Aneurin Bevan, Cwm Taf and Powys), could bring forward a limited amount of their allocation for 2012-13, totalling £12.4 million for the three organisations, to meet year-end timing issues. This additional flexibility represents only 0.2% of the NHS budget, and was managed within the overall health budget, which has broken even in 2011-12

Written by Scott Buckler
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 11:11

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