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I have been working hard to impress upon Londoners the importance of this election and to detail my 9 point plan which will create jobs, invest in our future and ensure that all levels of Government work together to improve our city.Through careful management and effective lobbying of government we have been able to fund historic investment in London’s transport infrastructure, housing and other services

As a result of this investment 200,000 jobs will be created over the next four years; putting Londoners back into work and boosting our local economy.

I will also use the mayoralty to spearhead a campaign for 20,000 part-time jobs to help parents return to work. We have businesses that need part-time staff and skilled people who cannot work full time – more needs to be done to match them and the Mayor should take the lead in this regard.

In recognition of this I will use £25 million from the London Growth Fund, which I persuaded the Government to fund in the last budget, to invest in the London Enterprise Panel with the aim of creating at least 7,500 part time jobs by 2015.

I have been a strong supporter of the London Living Wage. Since 2005 it has put £60 million into the pockets of Londoners, and I have ensured that is now paid across the GLA group. In my next term I will lobby Whitehall for its introduction into the Civil Service.

I will continue to engage with all levels of government, and in particular the borough councils. Under Ken Livingstone dissenting voices in the boroughs were attacked and their powers stripped away. In contrast, I have sought at every opportunity to consult and work constructively with the boroughs, and to this end I have set up the London Congress, in which the Mayor meets with all 33 boroughs twice a year to agree upon ways in which we can work together for the benefit of all Londoners.

Crime has fallen significantly – by 10.8 per cent overall, with murders decreasing by 25 per cent - and we need to keep crime levels low by investing in our police service. I am putting 1,000 extra police on our streets and if I am re-elected I will also put 2,000 extra officers into the highly successful Safer Neighbourhood Teams – up to three extra officers per team.

We will keep making the vital investments in our transport infrastructure that are creating jobs and enabling London to remain competitive as a global city. This infrastructure program, along with 32,000 jobs, would be threatened by Ken Livingstone’s plans to cut more than £1 billion from the transport budget.

Because we have been able to govern so efficiently we will be able to implement our plans whilst at the same time cutting Council Tax by 10 per cent, putting money back into Londoners’ pockets. Ken Livingstone increased the Mayor’s share of Council Tax grew by £964, whilst our services deteriorated and critical infrastructure went unfunded.

The choice facing London is very clear, and I am asking all Londoners for their vote on May 3 so that I can build on the achievements of my first term and ensure a strong future for this city.

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Written by Boris Johnson
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 14:02

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