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Interim managers get stuck into work, rather than simply offering advice as a consultant does – that's the view of one interim management expert

And Interim Management Association chairman, Jason Atkinson, suggests this could be behind the interim sector's success, compared to consultancy.

Interim managers "are managing people, they are actually getting results [and] they are not just telling a company what they need to do. They are not advising, they are doing the job," said Mr Atkinson.

He was speaking in reaction to research commissioned by his organisation which showed more companies are asking it about interim managers now than they have in five years.

The particular management skills offered by such professionals can also have advantages over the potentially lengthy process of looking for a permanent manager, he said.

"It is more likely that when a firm is going through a tough time and they need specialist skills to launch a new product or restructure a division, they will call upon somebody who has had a career doing just that," he added.

"[Someone] who has worked within that area and can come in and hit the ground running. You know they've been there, they've done that [and] they've got some of the war scars - and that's what you pay for."

Written by Scott Buckler
Monday, 19 March 2012 12:12

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