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According to experts 80% of infectious diseases are transferred by touch, and the most frequently touched surfaces can be contaminated with anywhere from several hundred to over ten thousand infectious bacteria

In response to this prevalent issue and utilising the latest research and technology available, leading manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire has developed an innovative range of taps for the healthcare sector.   
Whilst strict infection control measures, such as frequent surface disinfection and hand-washing, are adhered to, there are still around 4 million healthcare-associated infections per year in healthcare facilities across Europe*.  The new range of hospital taps from Pegler Yorkshire is manufactured using Antimicrobial Copper. The range boasts the Antimicrobial Copper Cu+ mark, which signifies the products are capable of continuously killing pathogenic microbes even in between cleans.

The first in the UK to launch a product of this type, Pegler Yorkshire’s tap product market manager, Mike Dickinson explains: “As the healthcare industry strives to prevent the transfer of infectious bacteria, and with taps being one area of a hospital that is continuously used, it is imperative that manufacturers develop new products to help combat the issues facing the industry.

The results of research conducted by specialists across the world has shown that the antimicrobial benefits of copper far outweigh any other product on the market.  Antimicrobial Copper surfaces are the most effective touch surface, ideal for the healthcare environment where their inherent, continuous ability to kill bacteria will supplement infection control measures.”

Antimicrobial Copper is inherently antimicrobial through and through. Even when such surfaces are scratched, their antimicrobial efficacy continues to work.  They will not wear away like coatings or other treatments can.Pegler Yorkshire has combined this technology with a selection of its Performa range of healthcare taps and mixers.  A range specifically designed to suit the needs of healthcare professionals, patients and care home residents.
Forming part of a new ‘Hospital’ brochure by Pegler Yorkshire, the antimicrobial range of taps sit alongside other products that conform to the Health Technical Memorandum, such as Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV).

With antimicrobial taps helping with infection control, there is also a requirement, particularly in a hospital environment, to prevent the threat of Legionella, which is where TMVs come into their own.  Now recognised by the Government, installers and specifiers alike, as essential valves for any washroom facility, the TMV allows the water to be kept hot to prevent the threat of Legionella yet still be delivered at a safe temperature at point of use.

Mike continues: “By combining the antimicrobial concept with a range of our Performa healthcare taps, we can now provide the industry with a remarkable product that works on a variety of levels.  The taps benefit from the inherent qualities of a Pegler Yorkshire product together with a viable solution to aid infection control.  Combined with other products within our portfolio, the Hospital brochure will provide a valuable resource for both specifers and facility managers.”

Pegler Yorkshire’s range of Antimicrobial Copper taps are to be launched early 2012.  For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 0844 243 4400, email [email protected] or visit

*Report on the Burden of Endemic Health-Care Associated Infection Worldwide, World Health Organization, 2011


Written by Scott Buckler
Thursday, 23 February 2012 15:03

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