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The Highways Agency is advising drivers to continue to check the weather forecast and road conditions before travelling this weekend. The Met Office has issued a weather warning for the risk of ice for much of the country on Saturday

Although there are currently no forecasts indicating any widespread snowfall, the main risk tonight and for the weekend is resulting from low temperatures increasing the risk of ice.

Jason Glasson of the Highways Agency’s severe weather team said “Although the risk of snow appears to be diminishing for now, low temperatures across much of our network lead to an increased risk of ice. Before setting out on journeys this weekend, people should check road and weather conditions and make sure that their car is ready for the conditions.

“We treat the whole of the motorway and trunk road in England when the risk of snow or ice is identified. However, even after roads have been treated with salt, road conditions may still be challenging. Drivers are urged to drive with caution when temperatures are low. Features such as shaded carriageways, roads passing over or under a bridge or changes in road elevation or exposure can increase the risk of ice in certain locations.

“Snow is usually a very visual reminder for drivers to take extra care, but with ice potentially invisible, drivers must be prepared and think ahead of the possibility of ice on the road surface,”
he says.

“By carefully monitoring weather and road conditions we identify the optimum times to treat our road network, to help prevent ice forming and preventing the build up of snow. However, although very effective, salt cannot keep roads completely clear of ice or snow all of the time and as a result drivers should be ready to drive in different road conditions should they be encountered on their journey. We would also encourage everyone to carry an emergency kit in their car should their journey be prolonged due to severe weather – warm clothing, food and drink and a charged mobile phone can help if the weather turns bad.“

With most schools breaking up for half term next week, the advice particular applies to families planning days out if the weather remains wintry.


Written by Scott Buckler
Friday, 10 February 2012 16:04

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