Defra pledges £2 million to support the air quality grant programme

Published on Tuesday, 08 May 2012 10:55
Posted by Scott Buckler

Defra today announced the launch of the 2012/13 air quality grant programme, with funds of £2 million to support local authorities in tackling air pollution, in particular, reducing Nitrogen Dioxide emissions

Poor air quality harms health and can impact on ecosystems.  Traffic emissions – one of the main sources of Nitrogen Dioxide – are often at the root of this problem. Therefore local action designed to tackle local problems will be especially important.

Eligibility for the grant will be limited to English local authorities with one or more Air Quality Management Areas for NO2 or those authorities where the Government’s national air quality assessment in 2010 identified a high level of NO2 emissions in their area. 

Local Authorities who receive grant funding will be required to provide Defra with a progress report by September 2013 to monitor the success of each project and how the money is being spent.

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