Mental health: measuring progress against the strategy

Published on Thursday, 12 December 2013 11:08
Written by Daniel Mason

For the first time, information about progress on the objectives of the government's mental health strategy is brought together and published in one place.

The new mental health dashboard brings together information from a wide range of sources. It shows progress against objectives in the No health without mental health strategy and gives a clear, concise picture of mental health outcomes.

The dashboard covers:

  • mental health services
  • mental wellbeing of the whole population
  • physical health of people with mental health problems
  • people's experience of care
  • experience of stigma and discrimination.

The main purpose of the dashboard is to bring together the best information available on mental health to help improve outcomes. It draws on existing, publicly available information and provides links to the original data sources.

Care and Support Minister, Norman Lamb said: "Mental health and wellbeing is everyone's business. The No health without mental health strategy emphasises that good mental health and resilience are fundamental to our physical health, our relationships, our education and training, our work and to achieving our potential.

"The strategy set six objectives to improve mental health outcomes. It is vital that everyone in the new health and care system, at a local and national level, remains focused on these outcomes.

"One important way government can support this is by providing a clear picture of the progress we are making – working across the system as a whole – to implement the strategy and improve mental health for all."

Roughly one in six people experience a mental health problem at any one time and mental health problems are estimated to cost the economy £105 billion per year.

Source: Department of Health

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