Launch of new strategy demonstrates excellence in Dementia care

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Published on Monday, 17 December 2012 10:53
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

The older people's services division of the Priory Group of Companies has underlined its commitment to excellence in dementia care with the launch of a new and innovative Dementia Strategy.

Under its new Amore brand the company will focus on a new and community focused approach to dementia care.

Priory has operated in the older people's care sector since 2009 and has invested heavily in the development of 18 purpose-built homes creating 1,235 residential and nursing beds.

The Dementia Strategy, which has been created in consultation with care home employees and stakeholders, sets out an agenda to create a better care environment, social care engagement for residents, family and community involvement and continuous learning experience for the teams who deliver care.

The Strategy has a number of core objectives designed to ensure that every resident has a positive living experience.

It will meet the objectives of The Prime Minister's Dementia Challenge in raising awareness of, and responding to, the needs of people with dementia.

An integral part of the Strategy is the 'Creative Minds' programme.    This key initiative is designed to motivate residents and care home teams to encourage creative ideas to improve the quality of life for people with dementia.    These holistic approaches will include laughter, colour therapy, music, dance and self-expression.  In addition, every resident will have a comprehensive life story book recognising the individuality of each person, detailing information about their lives and interests.

The focus of the Strategy is on individualised dementia care and community involvement to place the care homes at the heart of their local communities.  Family and friends of residents will be supported to embrace the ethos and will be encouraged to participate in the planning of care and become actively involved in the home's activities.

A key component of delivering the Strategy will be the development of centres of excellence in each region, the appointment of regionally-based dementia coaches to support best practice development and dedicated dementia co-ordinators in each home.   Recruitment is underway for the dementia coaches, who will be crucial in equipping the homes to embrace the Strategy.

Ginny Patterson, dementia lead at Amore Care said:   "With the launch of the Dementia Strategy, Amore Care is leading the way in the field of dementia care.

"This is a hugely exciting opportunity for everyone across our homes to help transform the way in which we can improve the lives of our residents, and their families.

"Residents will be at the heart of the Strategy and will be empowered to be fully engaged in their own lives and care.

"This Strategy will be a benchmark for dementia care and Amore Care will become the flagship provider demonstrating quality, value and innovation.   We will set the standards that other providers will aspire to."

Source: ©The Priory Group

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