Savile revelations show that children have lived with abuse for decades

Sexual abuse in children
Published on Friday, 14 December 2012 09:41
Posted by Scott Buckler

The recent allegations against Jimmy Savile and others have exposed many tragic cases of sexual abuse against children

We have worked with the police to identify over 450 victims of sexual abuse at Savile's hands. 80 per cent of these were children or young people and the offences include over 30 rapes.We are concerned that, as many of his victims were abused in the 1970s and 80s, child sex abuse could be seen as more a problem of the past.

Furthermore, we are worried from the findings of the case that people don't know where to turn to for help in reporting child abuse, or hesitate to report abuse until they feel 100 per cent certain it has taken place.

Today we're launching a new ad campaign encouraging people to contact the NSPCC if they are concerned about a child.

Peter Watt, director of the NSPCC helpline, said:

"By bravely speaking out, Savile's victims have done a great public service in raising awareness of child sex abuse and its long-lasting, devastating effect on victims.

"Our advert aims to remind people that child abuse remains a widespread problem and children are still abused today.

"To end their suffering and bring their abusers to justice we must all act now. Savile's victims waited decades to be heard and helped. We can't let this happen again."

If you're worried about a child, don't wait until you're certain - contact us now.

Source: ©NSPCC


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