Work Programme figures tell bleak story for single parents

Single parents not being placed in jobs
Published on Tuesday, 27 November 2012 14:16
Posted by Scott Buckler

Single parents are being placed in jobs at a significantly lower rate than other Work Programme participants, with an employment rate of 2.65% compared with 3.73% for other groups, DWP statistics released today reveal

Gingerbread chief executive Fiona Weir said: "Today's Work Programme figures are disappointing across the board, and single parents are faring significantly worse than other groups within the programme.  From speaking to single parents we know that they are often not getting the right advice or support, and our concern is that providers are failing to get to grips with the specific challenges that single parents face.

"More than two thirds of single parents who do find work are restricted to low-skilled jobs , which offer little security, and more than a fifth are out of work again within 12 months of finding work .  To break this cycle and support single parents into higher-skilled, stable jobs the government must adopt a longer-term approach which focusses on skilling-up single parents and offering tailored support into work.  An inflexible 'job first' approach won't create the sustained employment that single parents need to support their families."

Gingerbread has launched the campaign Make it work for single parents this autumn, calling for the government and employers to boost single parent employment, which stands at just 59% :

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