Interview with the Anti-Bullying Alliance

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Published on Monday, 19 November 2012 16:22
Written by Lauren Seager-Smith

Today we spoke to Lauren Seager-Smith from the Anti Bullying Alliance on the first day of anti bullying week. For more information go to the ABA website. Follow us on twitter @govtoday for more interviews soon.

GT: How is bullying being addressed within schools currently, is it effective?

ABA: Teaching about bullying varies, we need higher quality training to support school's Anti-Bullying Policies

GT:  I am aware many schools have dropped campaigns due to lack of funding, how will this hinder anti bullying campaigns

ABA: What's encouraging is that schools across England and beyond are celebrating the week with special classes and events. There's loads of free resources to support schools and communities - this should help.

@SignedStories: How are you supporting teachers to stop bullying of deaf children & those with SEN? They're more likely to be bullied.

ABA:  This is a real concern. The book we published about this has loads of advice for schools. Schools need dedicated classes to educate non-disabled pupils on what it's like to live with SEN or disabilities

GT: How is the ABA addressing workplace bullying?

ABA: Our focus is on young people - if we dealt with it at school the workplace may be less of a problem?

GT: Are the Gov doing enough to support Anti-Bullying?

ABA: No! A statutory duty to record incidences of bullying and how schools resolve these would help.

GT: Like an Anti-Bullying committee or monitoring, could Ofsted adapt this role?

ABA: This would need to be a part of school inspections as well as local authority reporting on community-wide picture.

GT: How has the paralympics helped reduce bullying stigma attached to disabilities?

ABA: Needs further research but paralympics has provided loads of positive role models which can only help.

GT: What can be done to prevent cyber bullying via social media? Are Facebook, Twitter doing enough?

ABA: Good Q. Often cyber bullying is an extension of bullying in the 'real' world & we need to work in partnership. This free software from @Argos_Online helps parents & their kids to be safe online.

GT: Thanks for participating today and good luck with Anti-Bullying week, it is a great campaign.

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