Courts biggest source of delay in adoption say Ofsted

Published on Monday, 02 April 2012 09:29
Posted by Scott Buckler

The most significant cause of delay for children needing adoption in England is the length of time taken by court proceedings, a report by Ofsted says

The government wants to speed up adoptions, get more children adopted and cut the bureaucracy involved.

They have told Ofsted to give "outstanding" ratings to councils for adoption only where children are placed within 12 months.

Inspectors say in cases covered by this report, proceedings took 14 months.

Their study was based on nine local authorities, where they tracked 53 adoption cases in detail and randomly sampled 36 more.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Education Secretary Michael Gove have led a drive to cut the time children wait to be adopted and how long it takes to approve people who want to adopt.

In the autumn, they published a list of how long children were waiting to be adopted in different local authorities.On average, children wait one year and nine months.

Source: BBC News

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