Government publishes list of RDA assets transferring to HCA

Published on Friday, 26 August 2011 13:58
Posted by Matthew Abbott

The Government has today published a list of Regional Development Agency (RDA) land and property assets that will be transferred to the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

It was announced on 6 July that RDA land and property assets would be transferred to HCA, with local communities and businesses involved in decisions about future development plans. This will maximise the long-term benefits to economic growth and regeneration in local areas. The transfer is currently planned to take effect on 19 September 2011.

Business, Innovation and Skills Minister, John Hayes, said:

"The Government is committed to ensuring RDA assets are used to support economic growth and regeneration.

"The HCA will be establishing local committees which will ensure community influence in the development of these assets. We are putting in place an efficient and locally driven model of economic development fuelling prosperity - through sensitivity to the needs of local businesses - to serve the common good."

The assets include:

  • In the East of England - Tudor Fields and Rope Walk in Ipswich
  • In the East Midlands - John Street properties forming part of the Castle Ward development and Poulton Drive Units forming part of the Trent Basin project
  • In the West Midlands - i54, 98 ha. technology and manufacturing business park bordering the M54.
  • In the North East - Middlehaven, Middlesbrough and Stadium Park, Sunderland
  • In the North West - Ancoats Urban Village, Manchester and Stonebridge Business Park, Gilmoss, Liverpool
  • In Yorkshire and Humber - the Tower Works project (part of the wider Holbeck Urban Village) and Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) Technology Centre and EETC wings
  • In the South East – Daedalus Airfield and the Queenborough/Rushenden sites (part of the new VESTAS/PEEL off shore wind development)
  • In the South West - several major sites (at Temple Quay and Bath Road) are within the recently announced Bristol Local Enterprise Zone

HCA Chief Executive, Pat Ritchie, said:

"Today’s announcement marks a key milestone in the RDA land and property asset transfer to the HCA. We look forward to the completion of this process, and building on our existing relationships with local partners to deliver the best outcome for local communities through future development and disposal of the former RDA assets."

The full list of assets can be viewed on the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) website at:

Further details on the stewardship committees will be available in the autumn.

Source: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

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