Federation to discuss Green Deal with Chris Huhne

Published on Thursday, 16 June 2011 12:42
Posted by Scott Buckler

National Housing Federation chief executive David Orr is set to meet Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne next month (14 July) to discuss the leading role housing associations can play in delivering the Government’s Green Deal programme – which aims to make it easier for home owners, tenants and landlords to carry out home energy efficiency improvements (June 16th)

Orr, who is also to meet with Climate Change Minister Gregory Barker on the same day, will continue to make the case to the Government that the Green Deal, which is being introduced through the Energy Bill, should be amended so that landlord, tenant and leaseholder consent for improvements cannot be unreasonably withheld.

The Federation also wants to ensure that funding is equally available for all potential Green Deal providers, including housing associations, and that the Green Deal assessment method more accurately estimates fuel bill savings.

During recent weeks, the Government has acknowledged that the Federation has valid concerns on the Green Deal, with Gregory Barker telling the House of Commons that ministers are aiming to tackle the issue of consent before the Green Deal is implemented. The Federation says that without this issue being dealt with, a single household could prevent Green Deal improvements to a whole block of flats and so deny warmer homes and reduced fuel bills to all the other households in the block.

Civil servants at the Department for Energy and Climate Change have also told the Federation they are hopeful that funding will be equally available for all providers – so that it is not monopolised by the energy companies.

Meanwhile, the Federation is also lobbying the Government to safeguard feed-in tariffs from photo-voltaic panels for housing associations and will be collecting a evidence for the first comprehensive review of the feed-in tariff scheme later this year.


Source: NHF

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