Shropshire eco village shelved after zero carbon 'U-turn'

Published on Monday, 18 April 2011 12:36
Posted by Scott Buckler

Plans to create a £2.8 million eco village have been shelved after the government made its U-turn on zero carbon homes(April 18th)


A target had been set to make all new homes zero carbon by 2016, but this goal was amended in March's Budget to only apply to emissions from energy use in fixed heating and lighting.

"The Shrewsbury Exemplar Village was a truly exciting, ground-breaking project which could have altered the way homes are built in the UK forever," Carl Huntley, chairman of Shropshire Constructing Excellence, told

Indeed, the group had planned to build the ten zero carbon homes and show if the government's original policy was economically viable.

These costs and efficiencies would have then been passed on the government ahead of the 2016 deadline.

Mr Huntly added: "Now, however, the government has pre-empted that information and re-defined what they believe is a carbon zero home. It's a sensible approach, but it's frustrating that it took so long for the penny to drop."


Source: EST

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