Empty homes under retrofit plans

Published on Thursday, 10 February 2011 11:11
Posted by Scott Buckler

A number of empty homes in Mansfield and Bolsover could be turned into highly energy efficient properties under plans for a £1 million retrofitMeden Valley Making Places is leading the project and has acquired four properties, with the prospect of gaining another six unoccupied homes.


While some of the houses have been empty for a few months, others have been empty for years, such as a semi-detached house in Alcock Avenue, Mansfield, which has been the location for anti-social behaviour and squatters.

Features of the retrofit will include the installation of solar photovoltaic panels and between six and ten trainees will also be taught on the job at the sites, learning valuable skills in construction methods and sustainability.

Once complete, South Yorkshire Housing Association will manage the properties and let them out to tenants.

Councillor Heather Henshaw, portfolio holder for housing at Mansfield District Council, commented: "It's wonderful to think that these houses, which have been a problem for some time, are now going to become first-rate homes for Mansfield families."

The first four homes will be scheduled for completion in March.

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