Response to Balls' housing announcement at Labour conference

Published on Monday, 01 October 2012 15:53
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Responding to the Ed Balls announcement on housing at the Labour Party Conference, David Orr, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation, which represents England's housing associations, says:

"We welcome the announcement by Ed Balls to build 100,000 more affordable homes. It will provide homes for some of the millions of families on waiting lists, create jobs and give the UK economy a shot in the arm with a speed and effectiveness few industries can match.

"Housing drives growth quickly, but almost all of its benefits are retained within local economies. Local jobs are created, local suppliers used and local people housed. House building lies at the heart of balanced, regional growth.

"Every home built creates 1.5 full-time jobs in construction alone, plus up to four times that number in the wider supply chain. Every pound spent on construction generates almost £3 in the wider economy."

Source: ©NHF

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