Investigate broadband speeds, says expert

Published on Friday, 07 September 2012 16:49
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

People working from home often have to use broadband internet connections to help them with their job and giving more general broadband advice,'s Michael Philips has provided some tips that could help people doing this in the course of their career development.

He has told consumers who want to establish their broadband speed with greater accuracy to investigate this online, testing their speed. This will indicate the speed they have got access to, he suggested.

After that, they should look at and compare the broadband options they can get where they live, and how much these cost. Checking out providers' websites, they will be able to see the possible speeds of any options that interest them.

"When you see that speed range, you can then compare it against your current average speed so you then have an indication of whether your new package can give you a better speed than you're already getting," he added.

Speaking about satellite Broadband recently,'s Richard Patterson explained that this would be chosen by people who were in certain circumstances.

"Either you don't get broadband via your provider at your postcode or you do, but you live in a rural area, which means that you're a long way from the exchange and what you're going to get is pretty dire," he said.

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