Report into independence of voluntary sector echoes Compact Voice's findings

Published on Tuesday, 22 January 2013 16:53
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

The Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector – established in 2011 to ensure that independence is seen as a priority for voluntary sector organisations – have today published their second annual report.

Compact Voice welcome the panel's use of our research into Compact implementation, which draws heavily on our engagement with the voluntary and community sector.

The report highlights the importance of collating and sharing information locally and nationally, something echoed strongly by our recent findings using Freedom of Information Act requests.

Compact Voice are pleased that while there are questions around the Compact's implementation by government, the report also recognises and showcases our good practice case studies – highlighting some of the positive Compact working that is taking place locally.

Tom Elkins, Compact Voice Manager, said:

"We welcome this report, which draws from much of Compact Voice's activities over the last twelve months, making reference to some of our recent research work, and highlighting good Compact practice which we have promoted through case studies.

The report, like our own findings, suggests that while support for the Compact remains high both locally and nationally, there are concerns around its implementation, with greater efforts needing to be made to ensure activities and engagement with the voluntary sector are reported and shared. Its recommendations echo our own, and we will continue to encourage government departments to implement them alongside those made by the National Audit Office, and our own research work."

Compact Voice would be happy to work with the Panel on any further work they undertake on how awareness of the Compact can be raised.

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