Councils respond to HMIC report on anti-social behaviour

Published on Thursday, 21 June 2012 10:05
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

"When people are intimidated or inconvenienced by nuisance behaviour and their local neighbourhoods become blighted by graffiti and abandoned cars it is often to the council – rather than the police – that they will first turn."

Said Cllr Mehboob Khan, Chairman of the Local Government Association's Safer and Stronger Communities Board, Responding to publication of the HMIC report 'A Step in the Right Direction: The policing of anti-social behaviour'.

"The most effective method of protecting the public and especially the more vulnerable members of society is to prevent anti-social behaviour happening in the first place. This means councils, health agencies, the fire service, schools, probation officers and the police working together to steer people away from activity which causes harassment or distress to others and can end up making people's lives a misery.

"To win the battle against anti-social behaviour and help people feel safe in their neighbourhoods, we need to see more of this joint working between councils and police. When elected police commissioners take office later this year, we will be urging them to work alongside councils and embrace the expertise within local government."

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