LGiU responds to Community Budget plans

Published on Wednesday, 21 December 2011 13:29
Posted by Matthew Abbott

The local democracy think tank LGiU has responded to the Government’s announcement of the fourteen areas that will pioneer new Community Budgets.

LGiU Chief Executive Andy Sawford says the announcement is great news for the pilot areas.

“This announcement is good news today for everyone involved.  Congratulations to all the councils who will have the opportunity to develop new approaches that could save money and improve services.  The variety of bids put forward by local government to address key challenges, such as helping people back to work or working with troubled families, show the ambition of councils to innovate.

Now we want to see the government go further in two ways: firstly be extending community budgeting to every council, and secondly by bringing Whitehall fully behind pooled budgets and joint working, ending decades of silo mentality.”

Community Budgets will let councils, boroughs or neighbourhoods team up with all public services in their patch to combine resources into a single locally coordinated 'pool and save' pot with greater local control of improved services for local people.

More information on the Community Budget pilots is available on the Department for Communities and Local Government website.

Source: LGiU

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