Audit Commission to outsource audit practice next year

Published on Thursday, 28 July 2011 14:14
Posted by Scott Buckler

The Audit Commission will outsource all its in-house local public audit work to the private sector in the next financial year, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announced today (July 28th)

Ministers have determined this approach should offer the best value for money. This follows the decision to disband the Audit Commission last year which will refocus audit on helping local people hold their councils to account for local spending decisions.

The Commission has already been asked to begin substantive preparations for outsourcing. The contracts, which start from 2012-13, are expected to run for three or five years giving local councils and other public bodies the time to plan for appointing their own auditors.

A fair and competitive procurement process will be run that would give suitable private sector bidders the chance to compete for the Commission's audit work in a way that gives taxpayers best value for money.

This option would also allow for the possibility of a bid on behalf of the staff of the Audit Commission which could then form the basis for an employee owned company. Arrangements are in place to ensure such a bid does not have an unfair advantage.

The Commission will radically reduce in size by the end of next year as a consequence of outsourcing its audit work. Prior to primary legislation being enacted a small residual body will remain to oversee the contracts and make audit appointments. The Commission's inspection work and Comprehensive Areas Assessments has already ended.

Mr Pickles said:

"We have set in train measures to save council taxpayers money by radically scaling back on the centrally imposed, bureaucratic and costly audit and inspections previously undertaken by the Audit Commission.

"This Government is determined to refocus local audit on helping local people hold councils to account. We believe that the next step is to outsource the audit practice next year as a way to secure best value for money.

"We are working closely with the Audit Commission to design a fair procurement process that will allow a wide range of bidders, whether a mutual or private sector accountancy firm, to compete for the Commission's audit business.

"Outsourcing will also allow further progress to be made on the new audit framework that will give councils the power to appoint their own auditors."

The consultation on proposals for a new audit framework closed on 30 June 2011. Ministers are considering the proposals in light of the consultation responses received and the Government will bring forward primary legislation in due course. Once established the Audit Commission would be formally disbanded and local public bodies would appoint their own auditors.


Source: DCLG

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