Labour MP highlights food poverty in UK

Published on Friday, 23 November 2012 15:04
Posted by Scott Buckler

Luciana Berger MP has made a short film about food poverty in the UK.The MP for Liverpool Wavertree made the film in a bid to highlight the importance of foodbanks and food poverty

The film called "Breadline Britain" focuses on the experiences of volunteers running food banks, members of the public who secure donations and supplies.

The financial climate has meant an increasing number of people, including Miss Berger's constituents are relying on foodbanks to be able to eat.

During the past six months alone 110,000 people have used foodbanks across the UK.

The film will be shown on Friday 23rd November at FACT Liverpool as part of Food for Real, the UK's festival of food and film. The programme includes over 25 films including features, documentaries, shorts and animations.

Luciana Berger said:

"The scandal of food poverty is real and growing, with the number of people accessing foodbanks in Liverpool doubling in the last 6 months alone."

"My film examines the reality of food poverty, and highlights the experiences of those who have to rely on foodbanks just to be able to eat. I believe this is a scandal in one of the most developed and richest nations in the world."

"I have been campaigning locally and in parliament on the issue of food poverty. This film is an opportunity to get the message across about the problems and social hardship that government policies are contributing to."

The 6 minute long film includes footage of foodbanks, interviews with users and volunteers, and comment from social commentators, members of the public and politicians about food poverty and the growing crisis that is developing across the country.

She added: "Very often the films and programmes we see on TV show the high end elements of food, focusing on top chefs, or Michelin starred restaurants for example. My film shows a completely different chapter of the food story in our country; one where increasing numbers of people are relying on charity and volunteers simply to be able to eat."

As well as being shown as part of 'Food for Real' the film will also be available to view on Luciana's You Tube channel.

Miss Berger, the first MP on Instagram, hopes to use her film making skills and social media to better connect with her constituents and the wider public.

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