Housing and the economy win again, says CIH Scotland

Published on Friday, 21 September 2012 12:01
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

The extra £40m for affordable housing announced in the Finance Secretary's revised Scottish Budget has been warmly welcomed by CIH Scotland.

CIH also welcomed the additional £30m funding under the Green Investment Package, which includes support to encourage home owners to carry out essential energy efficiency work.

David Bookbinder, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at CIH Scotland, said:

"It is unreservedly good news that housing has again been the recipient of genuinely new money. This is further, clear evidence that at a time when overall public funding is tight, the Scottish Government attaches real importance to housing and to what housing investment does for the economy.

"In the longer term there may be a question mark over whether some types of housing provision will prove difficult to make under current grant rates. But right now, when the sector is ready and waiting to deliver, extra funding means there's every chance that the Scottish Government can now exceed its target of 6,000 affordable homes a year."

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