Rochdale's 15 year plan

Published on Friday, 17 August 2012 15:49
Written by Scott Buckler

Rochdale Borough Council wants wants its residents' views on major plans to develop the borough over the next 15 years

Public consultation has started on a revised 'Core Strategy,' the council's plan on how the borough should grow and develop up until 2028. It shows the scale of employment and housing land needed and identifies where regeneration and environmental improvements should be focused. It also looks at what transport and other services are needed to support growth and development.

The original 'Core Strategy' was submitted to the Government last year, but despite receiving support for most elements, it was withdrawn to enable changes to be made to the proposals, particularly the parts covering South Heywood. The Government felt green belt land in South Heywood originally identified for development required more justification.

Councillor Terry Linden, Cabinet Member for Regulatory Services and Housing, said the plan had been updated and the original proposal to release Green Belt land for development in South Heywood removed:

"This revised strategy reflects the feedback received, but in many areas, including the Spatial Strategy, it remains broadly the same.  There was general support for most elements of it. We now want to give people a chance to let us know what they think.  The basic thrust of the council's development plan will remain as it is ... most new development will be focused in the south of the borough and employment sites will need to be well served by motorways and public transport."

This original proposal related to green belt land in South Heywood has been replaced with a criteria based policy to identify land for employment development later in the plan period.  The other main changes reflect the recently published National Planning Policy Framework and general updating of background and evidence.

The Core Strategy is produced in line with legal requirements, so that anyone can support or object to the plan.

A draft of the Core Strategy and supporting documents are available online at from local libraries, any council customer service centre, or in person at the Planning Reception, Floor 1, Telegraph House, Baillie Street, Rochdale.

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