Twitter Interview: Dominic Rothwell, Housing 21

Published on Friday, 14 June 2013 16:27
Posted by Scott Buckler

Today we conducted a twitter interview with Dominic Rothwell, Director of Business Development at Housing 21. Please find below the full interview

  • How are Housing 21 supporting those with dementia and Alzheimer's?

@Govtoday We put the person before the dementia, providing housing, care and end of life services, with training, research and evaluation #GTQA

  • How does Housing 21 aim to improve the lives of the elderly?

@Govtoday By providing a range of services that meet their diverse needs, so they can live independently and enjoy a good later life #GTQA

  • What does Housing 21 have planned to ensure it delivers a quality portfolio of care and support services?

@Govtoday We are implementing a large scale business change called Services Management Solution to help us work more efficiently #GTQA

  • What is the aim of the business change?

@Govtoday To support staff to place the customer more effectively at the centre of what we do. More details here

  • What can be done by the gov to improve housing for elderly?

@Govtoday People's needs fluctuate on a daily basis between health and social care. There must be integration. #GTQA

  • How can telecare and telehealth support and improve elderly living?

@Govtoday These solutions provide peace of mind and a swift response, enabling older people to enjoy living independently for longer.It can help overcome the problems of loneliness and isolation, reduce hospital admissions and the time they stay in hospital. #GTQA

  • How important is independent living for elderly people?

@Govtoday It's is no less important than at any other time in life. It helps improves people's wellbeing and sense of worth. #GTQA

  • Is there enough housing to accommodate an ageing population?

@Govtoday No and demographics are further driving demand. There is much more to be done in providing suitable homes for older people. #GTQA

  • What is the biggest chllenge facing the elderly and the housing sector?

@Govtoday there is clearly a need to offer more and better options tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of older people #GTQA


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