Regeneration celebrated in new publication

Published on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 12:36
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

A range of successful regeneration initiatives is showcased in a new publication being launched by CIH Scotland at its Annual Conference and Exhibition in Glasgow today.

The booklet features 13 of the projects entered for this year's CIH Scotland/Scottish Government Excellence in Regeneration Award. Local authorities, housing associations and private developers submitted the entries, all of which demonstrated differing approaches to working closely with local tenants and residents.

In her Foreword to the publication, Housing and Welfare Minister Margaret Burgess says:

"Not only are these projects highly innovative and will make a long lasting impact on the regeneration of Scotland's communities but they also focus directly on people. This social focus is a strong example of community-led regeneration in practice. I thank all Scotland's housing providers for their efforts to help regenerate our most disadvantaged communities to help Scotland flourish."

CIH Scotland Chair Elaine Gibson said:

"In these tough times, regeneration faces some real challenges. A lot of factors need to come together for regeneration to be successful. This publication serves to remind us all of the critical role local communities and a wide variety of organisations can play in revitalising areas that badly need turning around."

Source: CIH

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