LGA view on the need for a constitutional convention in the UK

Published on Thursday, 28 March 2013 12:52
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Responding to the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee's report on the need for a constitutional convention, Sir Merrick Cockell, Chairman of the Local Government Association, said:

"We echo the call for Government to tackle the 'English question' with the utmost urgency. Under the current system people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have a much greater say over everything from health to transport, yet the larger cities and counties in England are not afforded the same freedom to address local priorities.

"Giving more power to local councils over funding and greater responsibility for health, education and infrastructure is vital if we are going to design more efficient public services that offer communities in England the same opportunities as the rest of the UK and help local areas invest in projects that will drive growth and get the economy going again.

"Local authorities are at the heart of the devolution debate. Through the four Community Budget pilots we are already demonstrating what councils can do when we are given more local power and we would see local government as a key participant in any constitution convention on the future of governance in the UK."

Source: LGA

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