Patients need guarantee of national standards for doctors training

Published on Tuesday, 01 November 2011 11:46
Written by Scott Buckler

In its evidence on education and training to the Future Forum, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) stresses the need for all postgraduate medical education to be nationally planned and led by Health Education England (HEE) working with the royal colleges, and for the number of trainee placements for medical specialties to be set at a national level


Professor David Black, RCP vice president for education, said:

‘Patients everywhere deserve doctors, who are trained to the same high standard, so that in whichever hospital they are treated, they can be guaranteed that the same knowledge and skills will be available to them, whatever their medical condition.  With national planning of trainee placements we shall also be in a better position to prevent future shortages in medical specialties, shortages that can lead to long waiting lists .’

To deliver nationally planned education, the RCP advocates the retention of postgraduate deaneries to organise the training of doctors locally, suggests they be made accountable to HEE, and that they maintain sufficient independence, control and autonomy to undertake effective quality management. Funding should flow directly to deaneries from the national commissioner, HEE. Hosting arrangements for deaneries could be determined locally, but routes of accountability and funding should be common across the system.

Source: RCP

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