Jackie Baillie's actions 'so wrong'

Published on Wednesday, 05 December 2012 10:02
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Jackie Baillie faced embarrassment today ahead of leading a debate on the NHS, as leading hospital campaigner Jim Moohan blasted her actions as "so wrong".

The chairman of the Hospitalwatch group that has campaigned for hospital services at the Vale of Leven Hospital has hit out at Jackie Baillie's decision to launch what he describes as a "diversionary" campaign on hospital services "without engaging in conversations with staff and patients."

Mr Moohan argued that Jackie Baillie's campaign to bring A&E services to Gartnavel or Golden Jubilee Hospital goes against the wishes of the 20,000 people who attended a rally in Argyll Park in 2007 and stated that he is "absolutely astonished, as too are the vast majority of the public in the decision by Jackie Baillie to commence a campaign for services north of the river. It was under our MSP's watch that we lost the A&E in 2004."

Jim Moohan and other members of Hospitalwatch are due to meet Health Secretary Alex Neil to discuss the future of services at Vale of Leven.

Commenting, SNP MSP Gil Paterson said:

"This is hugely embarrassing for Jackie Baillie, coming under fire from her own backyard. Hospital campaigners are understandably angry that in her desperation to create a bandwagon to leap on, she is undermining the case that Hospitalwatch have been making since the A&E at Vale of Leven was closed while Labour were in office.

"It is common knowledge in the area that Labour was salami-slicing services at the hospital to cause it to close.

"Jim Moohan's comments clearly show just how shameless Jackie Baillie truly is. Local campaigners are under no illusion about how badly they have been let down by the Labour party.

"Before the 2007 election, the SNP made clear that unlike Labour we were serious about keeping the Vale of Leven open and delivering health services to patients in the local area.

"It is the SNP that protected Vale of Leven Hospital from Labour's plans to close the hospital entirely and it is clear that it is still the SNP that is working with local communities instead of undermining them as Jackie Baillie seems determined to do."

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