Intellect response to consultation on 'world class' procurement in the NHS

Published on Monday, 30 July 2012 11:18
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Intellect, the trade body for the UK's technology sector, has today published a response to the government's consultation on procurement in the NHS.

The aim of the consultation is to enable the Department of Health to develop a world class procurement process which is more effective for both supplier and customer and reduces costs.Responding on behalf of the industry Intellect has set out three key areas of action:

  • Better and earlier pre-procurement supplier engagement
  • Standardisation and transparency of the process
  • Improved knowledge and expertise

Eddy Peers, Health & Social Care Council Lead for the procurement workstream at Intellect said: "Good procurement is at the heart of achieving value.  Unfortunately ICT suppliers to the health sector are often frustrated that the procurement environment is not conducive to this. The recommendations made in Intellect's response to the consultation can be implemented rapidly and at low cost.  Suppliers believe they can contribute significantly to the creation of a more dynamic procurement environment which will have the potential to underpin improved delivery of treatment and care.  Acting on our recommendations will also reduce the economic waste which both buyer and seller organisations experience currently and which is particularly detrimental to SME's."

Jon Lindberg, healthcare programme manager said: "Among the issues our members have highlighted with the current procurement system is that it is too long, too bureaucratic and too costly, which can deter companies from taking part. They also feel that the current system prevents forward thinking healthcare trusts from buying innovative solutions. We are already working with the Department of Health and have put in place some activities to improve the processes, including improving the skills of NHS procurement staff. Both sides are keen to find ways to deliver better services to the public and this consultation is an important step towards achieving that goal in the health sector."

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