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The Importance of Understanding Dyslexia or ‘Hidden’ Disability

Posted by Katherine Kindersley, Director, Dyslexia Assessment & Consultancy

Managers need to have an understanding of dyslexia if workplaces are to be inclusive and comply with equality and disability legislation. Daily Telegraph 1 October 2010:
‘The Equality Act is expected to lead to discrimination claims from dyslexic workers who have been barred from carrying out certain tasks because of their tendency to make spelling mistakes.'

What are the barriers to hygiene innovation in the NHS?

Posted by Stephen Falder, Business Devt Director, Byotrol plc

A cry for help!  

New challenges for joint working

Posted by Karin Janzon, Director, Care Equation Ltd

It is no secret that the pressure is increasing on social care and health services. The cross-party Commission on 2020 Public Services has just published its final report. It warns that UKs public services are ‘increasingly unsustainable' and under threat from the impact of an ageing population that is expected to require an annual funding increase estimated at 4% to 6% of GDP - up to £82bn- over the long term.

Reducing HCAIs- The Role of the BIA

Posted by Dr Jane Stockley, President, British Infection Association

The British Infection Association was formed through the merger of the British Infection Society with the Association of Medical Microbiologists, and is one of the major UK professional societies working in the field of infection.

How Effective are the Current Cleaning Protocols of Ducting in British Hospitals

Posted by Ghasson Shabha, MRSA project Co-ordinator, Birmingham City University

What are the key problems in Ventilation and Air-conditioning  systems and what roles  can cleaning  protocols  play in controlling the spread of airborne infection including MRSA. How  adequately designed  are the ducting systems in British hospitals   in minimising air-borne infection ?  How effective are the current positioning of supply and extract grilles in hospital ceiling in promoting effective contaminant dilution and removal of infection agents? Is there adequate access to maintain and clean  ductwork and air-handling units (AHUs)? What improvements can be made to maximise MRSA control in ventilation and air-conditioning systems (AC) on the whole?

Controlling Legionnaires disease

Posted by Expert Guidance, Infectious Diseases, Health Protection Agency

Following the recent outbreak of Legionnaires disease in South Wales, GovToday invited the Health Protection Agency to discuss the work they are conducting around this deadly disease.

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria.  It can be treated successfully treated with the appropriate antibiotics but even with prompt treatment death can occur in 10-12% of cases. Men are more often affected than women (three times as many men are affected as women) and most cases are found in people over 50 years of age.  The disease is found more often in people who smoke, have pre-exiting chest problems and who have a depressed immune system.

Can a focus on quality really deliver savings for the NHS?

Posted by Jonathan Pearson, Director, Finnamore

Reframing the quality, productivity and savings debate.

How collaboration can create efficiency and support

Posted by Dr Judith Smith, Head of Policy, Nuffield Trust

The financial pressures facing the NHS, and in particular the need to release £20 billion from existing budgets in order to fund new developments, have added urgency to the interest being shown in integration.

Tackling obesity in children

Posted by Dr Laurel Edmunds, Weight Management Consultant, Laurel Edmunds Associates

Is focusing on healthy eating and physical activity behaviours the most appropriate way to prevent and manage weight gain in children and families?

Keeping up your energy

Posted by Shaun Phillips, Lead Researcher, University of Edinburgh

It is estimated that approximately 3.4 million people aged 6-16 years in England and Scotland regularly participated in football, rugby or field hockey (i.e. team games) between 2002-2007.

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