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Food for Thought

Posted by British Heart Foundation, Charity, Third Sector

Childhood obesity is one of the most significant long-term health problems facing us today.

Keep up the debate

Posted by Andrew Harrop, Head of Policy, Help the Aged

Ageing is something that faces us all, and there is no standard template for growing old.  But as we age, we're more likely to have multiple health problems - over two thirds of people aged over 85 have a disability or long-standing illness. And it's well known their number is rising fast.  With this growing incidence of ill health, over the coming years we will need more and more care and support to help older people stay independent and happy in their own homes. 

The Red Cross: A flu friend in need

Posted by Sheila Hannay, Health and Social Care Service Development Officer., Red Cross

Swine flu was hands down the biggest health story of 2009. Generating untold column inches, not to mention hours of television reports, the pandemic has been a seemingly endless source of news, discussion and comment.

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