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Pay as you save

Posted by John Alker, Head of Advocacy, UK Green Building Council

Time and again studies show that one of the key barriers to the uptake of home energy efficiency and low carbon measures is the high upfront cost to the householder,

Creating carbon free communities

Posted by Philip Sellwood, Chief Executive, Energy Savings Trust

The last ten years have seen a watershed in the level of public knowledge and engagement in the basics of energy efficiency.

The 80/80 challenge

Posted by Dr Peter Bonfield, Chief Executive, BRE

In December world leaders gathered in Copenhagen (COP15) to agree carbon reduction targets in the race to halt the acceleration of global warming

Putting Climate Change at the heart of planning

Posted by Kate Henderson, Interim Chief Executive, Town and Country Planning Association

A coalition of environmental, countryside and leading planners launched proposals to put climate change at the heart of the planning system in Parliament at the end of October

The Local Innovation Awards 2010 - GovToday’s Exclusive Detailed Report on the Awards Ceremony by Annabelle McGuinness, Editorial Director

Posted by Dame Denise Platt, Chair, Local Government Innovation Awards Scheme

Enthusiasm and dedication permeated the mood of the day at the Local Innovation Awards announced in a prestigious ceremony at No. 11 Downing Street on the 2nd March.

Helping local government to improve and innovate - The Local Innovation Awards Scheme

Posted by Dame Denise Platt, Chair, Local Government Innovation Awards Scheme

Coming soon, GovToday's Exclusive Coverage of the Local Innovation Awards - 3rd March, No. 11 Downing Street, here Dame Denise Platt explains the thinking behind the new Scheme.

Interview with Steve Palmer: President of Socitm

Posted by Steve Palmer, President, SOCITIM

With the current economic downturn touching all local authorities, there has never been a better time to re-address the cost and effectiveness of public sector services. The need to keep within budgets is crucial, but so is the transformation of services to create efficiency for the public. So where is the happy medium?
Editor of Sustainability Today, Scott Buckler, sat down with Steve Palmer, President of Socitm, to discuss how local Government can deliver on all fronts whilst remaining financially secure.

‘Better Skills for Better Places' - The HCA Academy enabling a joined-up approach to leadership across the sector

Posted by Gill Taylor, Chief Executive Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) Academy, Director of Skills and Knowledge, Homes and Communities Agency (HCA)

The success of the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) hinges on effective local partnerships. By their very nature, these partnerships need people with up-to-date, flexible skills but invariably gaps emerge in organisations and there are always new things to learn.    

The Future of Mass Market, Low Carbon Residential Heating - Why the time is right for modern air source heat pumps

Posted by Max Halliwell, Business Development Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Heating Systems

The UK is leading Europe in its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and as a nation we have tough targets to meet in the coming years. 

Sustainability education - embedding and integrating business and community to edit)

Posted by Rob Boast, Lecturer, Staffordshire University

The last 15 years have seen a marked increase in awareness of environmental threats at an international and national level. 

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