New maps to reveal potential hydropower hotspots

Environment Agency project uncovers hydropower opportunities in England & Wales. A new map which shows

Hydropower needs to be sensitively placed

In response to a new Environment Agency report into potential locations for hydropower energy generation

Green lorry training proposal to cut carbon emissions

A new proposal to encourage more lorry drivers to take eco-driver training could save up to 3 million tonnes of CO2

Climate change and human influence

A Met Office review of the latest climate research confirms our planet is changing rapidly and man-made greenhouse gas

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Assessing English regional renewable potential

New guidelines, published 5th March 2010, will help regional authorities assess the potential for renewable

Wave and tidal plan needs Government investment

RenewableUK (formerly BWEA), the country's leading renewable energy trade association, called at its annual wave

Testing the water for wave and tidal potential

Wave and tidal energy in England and Wales have received a boost as plans for the first full Strategic Environmental

Ofgem 'u-turn' on grid connections welcomed

Energy Minister Jim Mather  welcomed a decision by Ofgem to drop a proposal that would have seen Scottish

New generators will have grid connections

The final plans for changing the way new electricity generation is connected to the UK’s power grid have been published

Commons committee questions climate university

 The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee took evidence from key climate change combatants

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