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A planned strike tomorrow (26 July) by PCS members in the Home Office has been suspended after officials told the union last night there will be significant investment in the border force and passport service and confirmed this would mean more than 1,000 new jobs

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Government's management of UKBA abysmal - Bryant http://www.govtoday.co.uk/home-affairs/49-immigration/11997-government-s-management-of-ukba-abysmal-bryant http://www.govtoday.co.uk/home-affairs/49-immigration/11997-government-s-management-of-ukba-abysmal-bryant

Chris Bryant, Labour's Shadow Immigration Minister, responding to the Home Affairs Select Committee report, said

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UK Border Agency backlog worries MPs http://www.govtoday.co.uk/home-affairs/49-immigration/11969-uk-border-agency-backlog-worries-mps http://www.govtoday.co.uk/home-affairs/49-immigration/11969-uk-border-agency-backlog-worries-mps

The UK Border Agency faces a backlog of more than 275,000 failed migrants who need to be removed from the country, a group of influential MPs has said.

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Border staff 'being cut too fast' http://www.govtoday.co.uk/home-affairs/49-immigration/11873-border-staff-being-cut-too-fast http://www.govtoday.co.uk/home-affairs/49-immigration/11873-border-staff-being-cut-too-fast

A report published today by the National Audit Office has found the UK Border Agency and Border Force have achieved both cost reductions and performance improvement since 2010, but insufficiently coherent planning and delayed delivery of key projects have hampered faster progress

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The Tory-led Govt is failing on illegal immigration says Cooper http://www.govtoday.co.uk/home-affairs/49-immigration/11691-the-tory-led-govt-is-failing-on-illegal-immigration-says-cooper http://www.govtoday.co.uk/home-affairs/49-immigration/11691-the-tory-led-govt-is-failing-on-illegal-immigration-says-cooper

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, responding to John Vine's report "An Inspection of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Immigration Team", said

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Border inspector report into Immigration standards http://www.govtoday.co.uk/home-affairs/49-immigration/11673-border-inspector-report-into-immigration-standards http://www.govtoday.co.uk/home-affairs/49-immigration/11673-border-inspector-report-into-immigration-standards

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Local Immigration Team was the first to be established in the UK in 2008. This inspection was broad ranging but particularly focussed on how effective the LIT was in managing asylum casework and identifying and removing immigration offenders from the UK

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