Environment http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction Thu, 25 Oct 2012 04:04:43 +0100 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Fewer than half of Brits would phone a friend to share their financial fears http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/13349-fewer-than-half-of-brits-would-phone-a-friend-to-share-their-financial-fears http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/13349-fewer-than-half-of-brits-would-phone-a-friend-to-share-their-financial-fears

Fewer than half (42 per cent) of Brits would talk to family or friends if they were struggling to pay their bills, a new survey has found.

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New Community Energy Manifesto http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/13269-new-community-energy-manifesto http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/13269-new-community-energy-manifesto

In a move designed to enable a dramatic increase in communities controlling, generating, saving and benefiting from their own clean energy, a coalition of UK organisations with over 12 million members will today present a 'manifesto for a community energy revolution' to the Government

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ENA Fringe Review: Conservative conference http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/13099-ena-fringe-review-conservative-conference http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/13099-ena-fringe-review-conservative-conference

Growth and customers were the key topics at the Energy Networks Association (ENA) and New Statesman fringe event yesterday (Monday 8 October), which heard from the new Energy Minister John Hayes.

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2030 Power Sector Carbon Target Essential for Growth http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/13069-2030-power-sector-carbon-target-essential-for-growth http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/13069-2030-power-sector-carbon-target-essential-for-growth

A powerful alliance of the UK's largest businesses and industry bodies have stated that a 2030 carbon target for the power sector is essential for stimulating new growth in the economy

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Greg Barker leads low carbon trade delegation to East Africa http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/12898-greg-barker-leads-low-carbon-trade-delegation-to-east-africa http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/12898-greg-barker-leads-low-carbon-trade-delegation-to-east-africa

Minister of State Greg Barker will lead a delegation of UK business leaders to East Africa from Monday 1 October – 5 October

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Action on climate change crucial to water and food security, Ban stresses at UN event http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/12877-action-on-climate-change-crucial-to-water-and-food-security-ban-stresses-at-un-event http://govtoday.co.uk/environment/36-carbon-reduction/12877-action-on-climate-change-crucial-to-water-and-food-security-ban-stresses-at-un-event

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called again for urgent and concrete action on climate change, as high-level officials gathered at the United Nations to discuss the growing global concern over the impacts of the phenomenon on food and water security

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