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The EU's budget needs to be drastically cut, powers have to be devolved while eurozone countries should consider abandoning the common currency - Martin Callanan certainly did not mince his words when he chatted to our Facebook fans on Wednesday.

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Hugo Swire saddened by Guatemala death toll http://www.govtoday.co.uk/politics/23-europe/13626-hugo-swire-saddened-by-guatemala-death-toll http://www.govtoday.co.uk/politics/23-europe/13626-hugo-swire-saddened-by-guatemala-death-toll

FCO Minister for Latin America, Hugo Swire said he is deeply saddened to hear of the loss of life as a result of yesterday's earthquake in Guatemala

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Don't be loners, Merkel tells Britain http://www.govtoday.co.uk/politics/23-europe/13622-don-t-be-loners-merkel-tells-britain http://www.govtoday.co.uk/politics/23-europe/13622-don-t-be-loners-merkel-tells-britain

Britain will find happiness elusive outside the European Union, Angela Merkel has warned the UK.

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Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland congratulates President Obama http://www.govtoday.co.uk/politics/23-europe/13594-secretary-general-thorbjorn-jagland-congratulates-president-obama http://www.govtoday.co.uk/politics/23-europe/13594-secretary-general-thorbjorn-jagland-congratulates-president-obama

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe today issued the following statement on the reelection of President Obama:

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Access to finance of SMEs in the euro area: Results http://www.govtoday.co.uk/politics/23-europe/13509-access-to-finance-of-smes-in-the-euro-area-results http://www.govtoday.co.uk/politics/23-europe/13509-access-to-finance-of-smes-in-the-euro-area-results

The European Central Bank (ECB) is today publishing its seventh report on the results of the "Survey on the access to finance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the euro area".

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Council agrees its position on new rules for the airport slots http://www.govtoday.co.uk/politics/23-europe/13468-council-agrees-its-position-on-new-rules-for-the-airport-slots http://www.govtoday.co.uk/politics/23-europe/13468-council-agrees-its-position-on-new-rules-for-the-airport-slots

On 29 October the EU transport ministers agreed a general approach on proposed changes to the 1993 rules on the allocation of take-off and landing slots to airlines

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